Aaron Smallets:  Writer, Lover, Activist, Political commentator. 


Bloopers  plural of bloop·er (Noun)

  1. An embarrassing error.
  2. A brief television or radio segment containing a humorous error, collected with others for broadcast as a group.

Bluepers  short for Blue Person (Noun)

  1. A short person obsessed with the color blue.

Media Inquiries:


1634 Lombard Street.


Philadelphia, PA 19146

11 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Hey man! I just found your blog and it’s kind of really great. Love reading your stories and can’t wait to discover more.

    Thanks for being cool. A cool, cool blue. =)


  2. Hi there. I am the editor of new website dealing with Homo-dillemas… is there anyway i can contact you for a interview?

  3. Just found your blog…. very nice fellow blogger/entertainer/hottie… Mr. East Coast, I am Miss West Coast…. I look forward to reading more of what you have (and scoffing when you write about cold weather ^_-)

  4. I think I broke one of your followers.
    I’m very sorry. I shall send you a small token to replace her, if you wish. Maybe a rabid sparrow, or perhaps a set of chattering teeth.

    We’ll work the details out later.

  5. Glad to see the ice didn’t keep you down for long.There’s a fellow on The Oil Drum who has a Stirling engine generator which runs off his wood stove.  This gives him electricity whenever he burns wood for heat.  If we had such things available as commercial products, it would be a whole lot easier to make it through ice storms.

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