Hillary: You’ve Won. Lets Begin the Healing.


Dear Hillary,

Congratulations. After being introduced to the world 24 years ago, as a fighter for children’s and woman’s rights, your road to the White House is short and inevitable.

I have followed you since the beginning, before I even knew what a Secretary of State did. I remember reading your book “It Take’s A Village” as a child, and though I didn’t understand much of it. I remember the feeling it gave me. That you were a fancy woman, a politician, who actually cared.

I then saw you become Senator of my home state New York. I watched as you promised hundreds of thousands of jobs for the very part of New York I lived in. My mother at the time had just received her Bachelor’s, going into deep debt to do so. My Mother, now a social worker, needed those jobs.

They never came.

This was something very personal to me. And had a big influence in my politics as of late. It is part of the reason why when a Senator from VT came promising a new world where people once again had a chance in this country, I couldn’t help be drawn to him. My continued devotion to him further entrenched any disappointment I had towards you.

You let me down for my job seeking Mother and for my fellow gay brothers and sisters who had a harder fight to win equality because of politicians like you who fought against our rights. The eight year old in me who thought you cared turned into a 33 year old who began questioning if it was all a front for something else.

With Bernie you didn’t stand a chance in my heart. I’ve traveled back and forth in this great country and I’ve seen suffering among some of the most beautiful hard working people ever. And there was only one person, a 75 year old man, acting as their champion.

I began to not only question you, but the Democratic party that was propping you up at any price.

Then I was lucky enough to attend the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Any questions of what the Democratic party stood for….then vanished. I was seated next to an elderly couple from the midwest, and a gentlemen from India who was working on the Democratic platform.

After watching the speech of a mother who lost her son in the Orlando Nightclub shooting, we all quickly got to know each other.. mainly because we were asking each other  for tissues. By the end of the night we ran out of tissues and were using our sleeves. That’s when I looked around and really saw what this party was about.

We are democrats, and democrats LOVE. Conservatives are right when they call us “bleeding heart liberals” because I saw it with my own eyes. There wasn’t a dry eye in that stadium.

You would take the stage days later to accept your nomination. I watched your speech from home as I wanted to give my seat to someone who had a deeper infatuation for you. Something I didn’t have at the time.

This is when that nurturing empathetic woman I once thought you to be, came back. Your speech was passionate, loving and daring. It was a speech for all Americans. A speech that if followed through would finally open the door for people who couldn’t open it themselves.

I believe the trouble people have with you, Mrs Clinton, is you are always listening, thinking and most importantly LEARNING. You want to do good, while  constantly juggling the power struggle of being a woman in a man’s political world.

And you continued to listen. Bernie Sanders created a voice for struggling Americans that when they came together were only amplified exponentially. We can fault you as Secretary of State for not seeing the intensity of these issues, but we must also celebrate the fact that you not only heard these calls from Bernie supporters, but you responded with swift action:

You changed the Democratic Platform. Including vocally dropping support for TPP.

This shows me more than ever that you, Mrs. Clinton are something many aren’t in Washington, you are a listener, a listener who changes her policy based on new information. And that is more strength than ten Republican Male Senators could ever have together. Because you aren’t just about “doing good” but doing impactful sustaining good.

I believe any fault you had as Senator of New York, wasn’t the fact that you didn’t deliver those jobs promised, but that you promised them at all. The area focused on, during your campaign was constantly losing jobs, and perhaps bleeding at a rate that couldn’t be stopped at the time.

I believe you learned from that and didn’t want to overpromise for the American people again. Because there is no doubt, that even though you didn’t deliver those  jobs, you still fought like hell to get them and to provide further economic opportunities. I take an example of a Buffalo housing project called Artspace. This was a residential building specifically meant to provide housing for struggling artists that you helped secure federal funding for. It was a project that might usually be championed by a Mayor, or maybe a local Representative, but  not a U.S. Senator.

Today, there is no doubt in my mind that you, Mrs Clinton care. That you care immensely for all Americans and will fight like hell to create a level playing field for everyone. You won’t put your head deep into inspirational speeches like President Obama, but you will be a resilient warrior ready to storm Washington to create the much needed change Obama once promised.

When President Hillary Clinton takes that Oval Office in January. There is nothing this woman has not already fought and there is nothing that she won’t be able to do, especially with Senators like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren  and many other rising stars creating the much needed noise in the Capitol.

So Hillary, I hope you have read this. Moreso I hope you read this part because now we need you more than ever. It has become clear that your opponent is not you, he is not Obama, he is not Bush, he is not Reagan, he is not someone I like to even call an American. His true character is showing more and more everyday, and those that once put their faith into this man to bring them much needed jobs, and save them, are becoming heart broken and bewildered at themselves that this man is not what they thought.

We once laughed at that word *deplorable*. Today we must turn that laughter into love. Because those “Deplorable” people are lost, scared and some living in deep poverty just looking for a hand.

It is becoming clearer and clearer, everyday, that it will be your hand.

I think now is the time to offer the olive branch, to reach out with open arms. Because once elected it will be difficult to show those struggling and angry voters that you are their champion.

Now it is up to you Hillary Clinton. No more mudslinging. No more pointing fingers. No more division.  Be the glorious honorable woman I know you to be. He will show himself no matter what you do.

The time is now to begin to heal. To show those lost souls across the aisle… that though you understand their distrust it won’t stop you from working around the clock that their children and their grandchildren will be financially secure and live in an America that always has a place to help those who have been cut off by the 1%.

These people have been scammed by banks, politicians and now deceived by a man who lives in a tower of his own name. Their trust will be hard to win. But now is the time to start. Not January 1st.

Lets begin the healing of this country today. Be the President I know you are, now.


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