#NeverHillary or #Never4now


June 2, 2016 It’s an odd political season. The only one I’ve ever seen where two faithful democrats needed to be separated at the kitchen table.

Politics are passionate. As they should be. You’re not just talking about your own taxes being raised, you’re discussing the future of millions.

The aisle used to be the line between red and blue, now there’s blue and even bluer.

Sometimes I need to take a step back and really look at what the differences are. Do both sides want the same thing? When I talk with supporters of Hillary, many will go to great lengths to discuss how great of a President she’ll be. She has the qualifications etc…When I talk with supporters of Bernie…no one seems to care if he’ll make a good President. Only that he stands alone when fighting for equality, and against corruption.

So now we have a problem. A split Democratic party. And don’t be fooled it is indeed split and it’s going to take a lot more than a speech to bring it back together.

There’s an entire side that will not in any circumstances vote for Hillary. And while some may shrug their shoulders, believing they’ll come around, I want you to take a good look at the 60,000 people that attended a rally in Oakland this week. Your first mistake here, would be thinking this is a pro-Bernie crowd, and while that is the case, they are anti-establishment first. They don’t trust the establishment, the establishment has let them down.

So what do they want?

Transparency. They don’t care to see detailed plans that you might never put in place,  tax reform you may never fight for, wage increases that will never see the light of day. We want to see your soul, who you are, what keeps you fighting every single day. Because plans can change, the person we vote for will not.

And this has always been an issue of Clinton: we don’t know what she wants. Not just because she flip flops on issues. It’s how her campaign is being funded. It’s how she made her millions. You cannot convince that you are fighting for everyday Americans…when you’re taking money from the very people that have destroyed them – when you are sharing cocktails with those polluting rivers, burning skies, and wiping out forests.

And you might say…”well she’s better than Trump”. And the problem that I’m having is…”is she? Is she better than Trump?” Perhaps sending immigrants back by physical force is better than choosing to go back after they discover the dream in American has died because no one fought for it. Hillary might fight, but there’s nothing that says she’ll fight hard.

Bernie isn’t polished, his plans are scattered (I disagree), but he’s attempting to accomplish things that have never been tried. I remember a time when Americans tried the impossible and we’d support them…it’s how we got to the moon, it’s how we can fly, yet with Bernie we want to attack him on issues we’re not even educated on ourselves. I’ve yet to hear anyone tell me how to break up the big banks…yet I haven’t heard anyone say it shouldn’t be done.

But again. With Bernie…you see him. You know him. You know what he wants. It was laughable when they called for his tax returns, because it really didn’t matter. When he talks, he’s Bernie. Nothing on paper can deny or support that.

So when you say “vote for the lesser of two evils”. This is what is feared. Hillary Clinton will take her spot. And the Democratic Party  -which desperately needs fixing – will continue being the party more worried about high end donors, than social injustice. It will continue to be the broken party it is, because “why fix it if they won?”

Campaign financing is huge. It’s bigger than equal rights, it’s bigger than immigrant reform, it’s bigger than war. It’s hard to believe who or what you’re fighting for no matter how many times you repeat it. As many times as you say you’re fighting for us, the people feeding your pockets are hearing the same thing. And if we allow Hillary to get elected, it’s once again saying “we’re ok with having our elections bought.” And many believe that has to stop now.

Bernie supporters don’t want to destroy the Democratic Party. They want to help it. They want to restore it. That’s why they want to vote for the one guy that shares the values the party once stood for. To bring the party back to a moral standard not a prestigious one.

While Hillary may be a great President, you’re only as good as the people you Preside over, and at this point, I don’t know who those people are. The people electing her? Or the ones handing her checks?



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