The Less of Two Evils


I’m hearing that a lot lately.

No. I’ve heard it my whole life.

“The less of two evils.”

As if we have to choose.

“You have to choose, if you don’t than the other side will win.”

What other side? Who? Why? “Have to” That’s a lot.

I don’t have to do anything.

But you want me to choose the system because the system is telling me to choose the system.

I’m sorry you think there are only two choices: Less and lesser.

But there’s only been one choice to me. And that’s what I chose, what I have chosen. No one tells me what to chose.

I can’t show you a graph of what is right, my happiness doesn’t have a study backed by the University of What You Understand.

I understand myself. But when you tell me I have to chose the less of two evils.

I say, “No. I choose me. I hope one day you do the same.”





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